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Definition of uric acid

Uric acid is an acid derived from the degradation of certain elements in the body. The accumulation of uric acid in the tissues can cause gout disease.

Uric acid is stored by the body for two main reasons:

  • When uric acid is overproduced by the body, due to a "poor diet"
  • When you do not drink enough and that the removal of uric acid in urine is not sufficient

Consequences of an increase in uric acid

Food in itself does not contain purines but uric acid. Uric acid is actually a substance produced naturally by our body during the breakdown of purines.

Uric acid can not be recycled by the body and be excreted in the urine. Some foods are particularly rich in purines and entail an increase of uric acid in the blood.

An increase in uric acid is called hyperuricaemia.

What are the symptoms of high level uric acid?

One of the best known consequences of increased uric acid is gout disease.

Although a number of people may have a high uric acid levels for years and did not notice when symptoms occur, they are recognizable!

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Heat
  • Agony

Diet to reduce uric acid

If you want to reduce uric acid levels, it can be done through a behavior in three phases.

  • Change your diet with a reduction in meat consumption

    Meats, especially organ meats, are the main causes of the appearance of uric acid. It is therefore necessary to reduce meat consumption or even to stop using some of them.

  • Drink water helps to reduce uric acid

    Drink more water will help you to remove uric acid by a better uric acid filtering in the blood by your kidneys. It is therefore advisable to drink 2 liters of water per day to optimize uric acid filtering.

  • Change feeding habits can reduce uric acid

    Besides the meatb consumption, it is necessary to change feeding habits to reduce uric acid levels.

List of foods to choose to decrease uric acid

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit jams
  • Cereals such as wheat, rice, oats, ...
  • The Starchy foods like potatoes, tapioca, ...
  • Vegetables: Green beans, leeks, carrots, zucchini, ...
  • Milk
  • Soft cheeses

List of foods to reduce to decrease uric acid

  • White meats like veal and chicken
  • Whitefish
  • Eggs
  • Beans, peas, cabbage, asparagus

List of foods to be banned to avoid uric acid

  • Pulses such as beans, lentils, chickpeas
  • The deli
  • The pig
  • Butter
  • Sauces
  • Game and offal such as brains, kidneys, liver
  • Smoked meats
  • Sardines, anchovies, herring, trout, carp, pike, salmon, eel, mackerel or tuna
  • All seafood without exception
  • Vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard
  • Sharp cheeses
  • Cocoa and chocolate
  • Nuts such as peanuts, almonds, ...
  • Sugary drinks non-alcoholic (fruit and fruit juices high in fructose)
  • Salt, pepper and spices in general
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee and tea

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0 #119 Sceptic 2015-01-07 19:09
Another contradictory list to avoid Purines. Please,for your own sake. Do more reading on this subject before you actually start eliminating certain foods pertaining to the list above. Red Meat, Shellfish, and Alcohol are the three bad guys for the gout. There is NO scientific proof of uric acid related Gout disease caused from Eating Plant(vegetable ) purines.
0 #118 Riyaz Rehan 2014-06-16 20:00
I have uric acid 8.2
How controal :-*
What foot eating
-10 #117 Subhojit Paul 2014-06-12 15:36
my uric acid level is 7.5, plz tell me what is to be eaten by me to reduce uric acid & also what type of food i have to avoid in this time
-1 #116 snifer_lady 2013-10-18 14:41
my uric acid level now 8 & iwashaving same problem last 3 months ago, what i should do?
-5 #115 shahnawaz akbar 2013-08-30 10:57
i drink almond milk regular about two month and eat dates .and this food increase my uric acid and heat in my foot and pain in my foot and toe.my uric acid level is 6.5.what should i do
-3 #114 shahnawaz akbar 2013-08-30 10:57
i drink almond milk regular about two month and eat dates .and this food increase my uric acid and heat in my foot and pain in my foot and toe.my uric acid level is 6.5.what should i do
+11 #113 nadirshah 2013-08-27 19:49
i am 56 yaers old and i have uric acid 9. i want to know all vegetable name which i can eat and name of dairy product which i can eat. :sad:
+1 #112 shah wali khan 2013-08-17 15:01
40yers age I have uric acid 5.1 i have many prabluam foot pain etc Dr adavisd me tab geuric80mg pls food infarmition
-5 #111 Robbie 2013-08-14 02:13
I have hypothyroidism and diverticulitis.. The list my doctor gave me to lower my now high uric acid is opposite of this one. I wish medical profressionals would make up their minds . :cry:
+8 #110 Tariq Ismail 2013-08-13 15:45
I am 37 year, my uric acid level 8, i have a pain in my left foot's toe last 2 months, plz suggest me the best treatment

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